Our 3-Step Process

We follow a simple 3-step process to ensure that placement is accurate for the employer and candidate:

Step One: Market Research

We take pride in the level of market research that we perform to seek out the most amazing candidates on the market. Understand what each candidate is looking for and how they will fit into a company such as yours is key. Our goal? THE MATCH

Step Two: Relationship Building

In order for a great “match” to take place, we have to know what candidates are looking for in their next career opportunity. It’s our job to build solid relationships with each and every candidate that we come in contact with, even if they are not on the job market, because you know what? One day they will be and they may just be the perfect match for you!

Step Three: Candidate Screening

Our screening process is like no other. The reason we’ve been so successful in this business is not only due to the Market Research that we complete or the Relationship Building principles that we have. It’s also due to our exceptional screening process. You see, a true match can only be made if a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities are understood. Also, understanding the cultural and work/life preferences is key. Understand, our screening process is nothing you’ve ever seen before!

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